2017 F150 Build

After lurking in this forum for a while and stealing everyone’s ideas, I decided I might as well start a build thread since I pick up my GFC in just over a week! I also haven’t seen as many F150’s on here as other trucks, so I wanted to dish out some ideas. My wife and I will be moving cross-country (NC->WA), picking the GFC up on the way, and starting our first attempt at overlanding in the beautiful PNW.

I plan to use this thread to document some trips and future upgrades as well!

The Master Plan:
Truck Bed
Plywood Bed
8020 Aluminum “L” Frame
Plywood Hinged Tops and Side Panels
Double slide out drawer to hold stove and gear

Still in Planning Phase
Water Pump/Shower

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Step 1: The Bed Platform
My Tabula Rasa

I read about the dust issues some people have had, and installed a tailgate seal and used some silicone caulk on the gaps in the bed. I chose to lay plywood down in the bed to make mounting things easier, and it’s easily replaceable if it ever wears out. I laid down treated 2x2’s in the F150 Bed Grooves, and the plywood is screwed on top of those.


Step 2: TNUTZZ

So the F150 BoxLinks are largely useless, except for these magical things I found call Hand-E-Track. No idea who named that, but they allow for bolting things into the space occupied by the BoxLink.


I used these new bolt locations to mount some aluminum extrusions (TNUTZ) as a test. It worked, and I promptly ordered several dozen pieces of aluminum. The hardest part was quadruple checking all my measurements, because I have no way to cut aluminum once it arrives.

Test Subject:

Fast Forward


Step 3: More Plywood

I’m currently simultaneously packing my entire apartment to move across the country and putting several coats of polyurethane on more plywood.

Exhibit A:

I also built the drawers and test fit the top panels into the TNUTZ frame:


I have a 21 f-150 and just picked up my GFC last week. Cool people there. I like you plan and am interested to see how it turns out. Keep us posted.

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I’m on the road now, so no more work until I pick up the GFC next week and arrive in Washington! I finished the bench/drawers late the night before we started driving, so here is sneak peek pic from right before I obscured everything with luggage. I’ll update once I pick up the camper!


Looking great! I used aluminum extrusion in my buildout and am so glad i did :raised_hands:t3:

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That looks so good!!! I’m totally going to rob some of your design when I decide to re-do my platform. I do find it interesting that so many people build out the box but make the platform so much higher than the wheel wells. The option to stealth camp with full sitting room and the camper closed is essential for me (and it helps if it’s really cold to only heat the lower portion). Being 6’ tall, the lowest workable height I could go on the platform from the base was 8.5". Even with that in a Ram 1500 if I sit on one of the camper cushions my head hits lightly.

Great looking build though, love the curved corner pieces that’s a nice touch.

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I am the proud owner of a GFC now! Check it out:

I’ll be going into the mountains with it for the first time in a few days, and I’ll post an update then!


First trip was a success- spent 2 nights around the Mt Baker area and loved it!

Camp kitchen feat. the pup:


Beautiful. Nice work fellow popper! Lol

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Would you mind sharing what right angle bracket you used to tie into the HandETrack/Boxlink?

Great build, thanks!