2017 ford raptor overland build

Whats up guys just wanted to share and document my 2017 ford raptor build.

Picked up this 2017 Ford Raptor in Austin, TX . The original owner reached out to me in the gen2 Raptor FB group for $35k with 135k miles but had a new motor put in from a dealership at 118k. Dealer maintained its whole life too.
Heres a picture in Las Cruces, New Mexico on my way back to Bay Area, CA

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Here’s my first overland trip with a few buddies just put a softopper on the bed to store all my camping gear safely, ratchet straps are an overlanders best friend when it comes to strapping stuff down while offroading :joy:

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Found a steal of a deal while browsing facebook market place. This whole build has been a facebook market place budget build😂 Used but very good shape gfc for $5.5k and for an f150 short bed too. Drove from Bay Area to Carson City, NV for it.


First of many overland trips with the GFC in the eastern Sierra mountains. Was about 30 to 25 degrees in the night with no diesel heater so experienced a bit of condensation that froze to the honeycomb composite roof of the GFC. But overall a good experience to see what needed to be modded and tinkered with.

Just started the interior build starting with a birch plywood floor and stapled turf to the top for the pupper when he sleeps down stairs. I think it adds a nice touch and definitely helps padding things down.
Also started the 8020 extrusion drawer build which I will be mounting my fridge onto with a tilt fridge slide. The duluth backseat storage came in to after they shipped me the wrong product.

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