2017 Ford Raptor SuperLite… well now V2 Camper build!

Figured id start a build. Especially before I do too much and don’t remember everything haha. Got myself a used 2017 raptor in January ‘21 36k miles. Came from only dodge rams for a decade but always liked the raptors. Ended up getting a launch edition Superlite last august, was second hand from a guy in the city next to me but he never used it since he waited too long for it and got something else. He was awesome only charging me exactly what he paid.

Here’s some mods I’ve done in the last year;
-GFC Superlite
-RSI Smartcap
-front runner RSI load bar kit
-Falken Wildpeak AT3w 315/70/17
-came with rigid fog light kit with two spots, two floods and KC flex singles.
-rugged radios gmr45 radio and stubby antenna
-some builtrite accessories in the cab
-jlt 3.0 catch can
-EBC rotors and Hawk pads
-dometic cfx45
-eco flow river power supply
-switched to Amsoil, engine, diffs, brake fluid.


How do you like the RSI? I almost went that route before getting my V2.

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I love it. At least on my truck it follows lines of the truck well. It’s has been waterproof for itself. So nothing has leaked on any of the doors or around the whole seal. I did to a tailgate seal but that has some gaps but for the most part nothing gets in there and I live in western Washington so it definitely gets tested out haha. Also the air vent clears out condinsation in the bed and will clear up the windows within about 10 minutes of driving.


Really nice setup. This is what I was planning to put on my 2019 raptor until the superlite went out of production. Now I’m pondering a V2 camper. Ground tent life isn’t cutting it.

No ground tent life is gone lol. I am actually going to be selling my superlite sometime next year to the the v2 tent. My buddy has the full camper and the size in the tent area is Bigger. I’m 6’4” so be nice to have a little more room but I do fit just fine in the superlite.

Well the build has changed. Sold the Superlite and the RSI. I pick up my V2 camper on may 27th! My buddy has had a v2 since launch so I’ve been jealous haha. Also got some Deaver +4HD leafs and some camburg 1.5 collars until I get new coil overs.