2017 Ford Raptor W/ GFC

I have a 2017 ford raptor for sale with a go-fast camper. The rig is absolutely awesome and has treated me very well through many adventures. Sadly it is not a great towing vehicle and I need something a little more for towing the snowmobile trailer around.

Simple build,
V1 Go Fast Camper (extra)
will include 2 beef bars on top
also will include lights for the right price
+3HD Deaver rear leaf springs
decked storage system
pedal commander

Raptor is completely stock, 802A package w/ orange accent seating
heated/cooled front seats
heated rear seats
heated steering wheel
sony sound
twin panel moon roof

looking for 59K OBO with GFC and decked
51500 obo without GFC and decked

Will sell truck without the GFC but won’t sell GFC alone until the truck sells if they get separated.


Hi Riley,

I am very interested in the whole package! Just have some additional questions like mileage and location.
Please email me @michael.sabey@gmail.com