2017 gen 3 NAFT

Finally made to town to get my rig and hit Yellowstone for at least one night there and then another night with some early morning snow in Wyoming near devils tower. I’m digging the camper and look forward to using it a lot out here on the east coast through Maine and New Hampshire . Thanks to all the GFC crew that bust their asses day in and day out pushing out campers it was great to meet you all and nice to chat with other customers that traveled long distances to get their campers.


Stay warm enough? Was it mind-bending when you parked and didn’t then have to look for where to put your tent on the ground?

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Yeah I was toasty with zero degree bag even though it was windy as fuck at Yellowstone!! The night in Devils tower was colder though.
Not so much mind bending but enjoyable to just pop the top and be done!!