2017 Tacoma TRDOR

Considering selling my 2017 Tacoma OR to go full size life. Whats a Tacoma with a GFC go for these days?

-ADS suspension 2.5s with resis and dakar springs
-GFC (build #96) with sheets and matt gecko led kit (awning NOT included)
-Falken tires
-ECGS bushing
-AGM battery
-blue seas fuse panel with power ran into the bed
-51k miles
-No mechanical issues
-typical pinstriping
-bullet hole in hood (some idiot on new years eve shot into the air and i was the unlucky recipient of gravity)
-Dissent offroad front bumper (winch not included)

No part out, not separating anything unless the truck sold first.

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Having sold my GFC last year and my Taco earlier this year here are my thoughts:

GFC: despite the decreased lead times, these are still in high demand. Many people are looking for an available GFC and will pay top dollar for one right now. I sold mine (200) for a premium and I’ve heard of many others with multiple offers over what they paid.

Your build Taco: here’s where things get tricky. Most people are unwilling to pay for a truck over market value (think KBB). Expect to lose money on your mods. A good gauge is to price your mods anywhere from 25-40% of retail. Throw that on top of your trucks market price and start there.

This is why I suggest selling the GFC separately. While it’s worth the premium, most truck buyers won’t accept adding another $7k on top of a market-priced truck.

FYI, my heavily built taco sold in a week. I was lucky and priced it to sell but took a pretty big hit on the mods.


Thanks man. I was expecting to loose on the mods honestly, I know people dont want to pay a premium for mods just like I dont want to spend 12hrs removing all of them. Lol. I am considering trading it in honestly, looking pretty hard at Ram Rebels.

Removing the GFC is easy. Just need 2 people on each side to lift it up and over the bed.



I just moved to a 2020 Ram from a Wrangler and had the same Tacoma as you before the Jeep.

If you are ok with the size of it and less off-road ability that comes with it you really can’t beat the Ram in my opinion. Drastically more space, super comfortable and quiet, and a motor that has way more power while getting great mileage.

Also if you can wait for the right buyer you can come out ok on mods. I had over $15k in the Jeep in extras and got $10k over kbb but it took 6 months to sell.

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Where are you located? I feel like I know two people who would be interested in the full deal

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Macon, Ga. I prefer to sell as a package so thatd be nice. If they were serious and the offer was reasonable I would be willing to meet up within a reasonable distance from Macon.

Throw me an email at agladstone69@yahoo.com with what price you’re looking for along with any added packages you have and I’ll pass it along to them asap!

If you’re open to selling just the GFC, I’m in Atlanta and I’ll pay cash and pick up in Macon. You’re truck looks like short bed yes? Thanks for considering.