2017 Tundra bed build out

I’ve had the GFC for a few seasons now with a Decked drawer system. I wanted to build out some cabinets that are easily removable but provide floor space for bikes inside (to hide it all) and seating for inclement weather. Also this was a no drill setup. All wires or attachments ran through existing holes and or bed rails.I also wanted easy water fill and a multiple setup options. I can have two bench seats, backrests, or even put the cushions on the floor for a super quick stealth sleep. I saw some ideas here and played out the plans. I ended up finding most of my items through extensive Amazon searches and picked up some really good deals on Facebook marketplace. All the cabinets are magnetic faces and takes about 10 minutes to disassemble in three pieces. Thanks for all the ideas!
Some items of note:
-The IceCo JP Pro 40 has been awesome.
-Stainless Steel Water jug 3 gallon
-Yeti 1500x (FB Marketplace)
-Goal Zero 100w Solar panel.
-Tons of tie downs
-Magnetic LED lights
-One magnetic disco ball…just because.
-Removeable cushions and covers. I sewed Velcro on the back and can move them around but secure them with placed velcro.
-Storage is enough for all my camping gear, tools, fishing gear. I always bring too much. lol
I use the Yeti to charge phones, play my JBL Speaker and run the fridge. It’s been running the fridge for 3 weeks now and never falls below 90% with a single 100w solar. Fridge is on MAX.

Mock up.


Love the magnetic cabinet faces, and the track under the cushions. Great job on the build!

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I have a few of your parts here and there :slight_smile:

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Very nice layout and similar to one I am planning for my Taco. Like jedagr, I like the tracks and magnetic cabinet faces. Going to stash those ideas away.

Nice IBIS also - Ripley or Ripmo?

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dual Ripmos for the wife and I . V1, she has the V2.

I did make a few mistakes. I didn’t know L track had end caps till after I installed them. Cut them 3/8" short and use end caps to keep the sharp edges down . I used them on the floor panel but not the side cabinets. Did’t want to cut and reinstall.