2017 Tundra double cab build

Not sure if anyone would be interested but I decided with my install date 3 weeks away I would post this. I’ve came a long ways on my recent setup. I have a long ways to go but this one has by far become my favorite rig. When I first picked her up

About a month later added a soft topper. Love this thing

Added my Wilco and some 285/75/18 (35’s)

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Added rago system on the dash. I love it

Picked up the Lance. Ran for about a year with the tear drop

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Didn’t touch it much after the camper. I had a wife that spent what she wanted but counted every penny I tried to spend. In comes divorce and the truck has gotten more attention lately

Truck should be out of the body shop this week. Had hit and run hence cutting off bed and adding high clearance bumper. Also have CBI front bumper which comes in December I hope


Updated picture


I like the spartan rear bumper. Who is the manufacturer? Thanks.

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It’s made by Trailtoys. Nathan is the owner

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She’s done