2018 Ford F150 Raptor Build

Hi all - figured I would have some fun and try my best to post some updates on our Raptor build. We have always been Jeep people since the start of our camping/overlanding and last year made the switch to a truck… ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Once I had the truck, it was clear as day the GFC was the way to go. For us, camping/overlanding is all about efficiency so how fast we can set up/take down and what remote spots can it get us to.

Any ideas or tips are welcome! Enjoy our progress!

  • 2018 Ford Raptor
  • V2 GFC #4539
  • +4HD Deavers
  • Eibach front sprinngs
  • Freespirit 270 Awning
  • Decked Drawer System
  • AluCab Tilt Fridge Slide
  • Dometic CFX3 45 Fridge
  • Single ARB Compressor
  • 2x 100W flexible Renogy Solar Panels
  • Renogy MPPT 30amp solar controller
  • 100 amp hr Renogy LiPO4 battery

GFC Install Day

Lift Installed

Big thanks to Comal Truck Gear in New Braunfals. Super nice group of guys and will make sure you get things done the right way

Various Progress Pics

Recent trip to SoCal through the desert and Sierras


Currently working on my battery set up and will post some updates of that and the bed when I get it done. In the meantime, I was running my Jackery 500W power bank connected to the solar and it worked pretty well!

One last pic from when were camped in San Luis Obispo. Never camped above the clouds before so this one was a trip


Great looking rig!!! :call_me_hand:

Appreciate it! This thing rips (especially when it’s nice sandy roads) so it’s been fun lol

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Finally got the accessory battery all done. Eventually will add an inverter so I can use some 120V items but for now it’s good!

Renogy 30A MPPT Controller
100AH Lithium smart battery with heating
200W Solar
Built a custom plywood enclosure and wrapped it in a vinyl matte black car wrap so its easy to keep clean and looks like it fits in lol


My buddy just got his film back from our SoCal trip. He’s the one that convinced me GFC was the way go. Our next trip is Baja :sunglasses:

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Hey in the first pic, where you got your gfc camper installed you got some rear squat. Did you have all your over landing gear already mounted in the bed already or was all the squat fro, just the camper? I’ve got a 2018 raptor as well w the decked drawer system and am planing on just the gfc topper, no rtt and am wondering if I need the deavers with + height. Thanks.

That was with decked w/ drawers filled, alucab tilt slide, fridge, and arb compressor… stock suspension.

It’s the reason I did front springs and +4HD deavers. Since we primarily lean towards overlanding/camping and carry a lot of gear it was a must.

What all will you be running in the back?

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Thanks!! I’ll be running the topper and maybe the drawers half filled constantly. When we camp/travel I’d say w all gear were probably around an extra 150-200lbs payload. I also plan to buy a toy hauler camper, the intech one so probably hauling about 2000lbs. I was thinking either the +2 or +3 hd’s. I want to keep as much as possible stock height as my wife already dislikes how high it is stock.

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If you aren’t doing the front then you’d probably be fine with +3HD. the HD was designed for someone who is carrying 500# + at all times and between the decked and topper you’ll be there.

Thanks!! I think I’ll be more toward #400 total constant. I’m not getting the rtt. You think the +3 is still a good idea? It’ll add about 1” over stock height correct? Do you know if the height increase comes after it’s loaded down w the prescribed weight? So do I get a 1” increase after the #500 is applied?

Nice build! Did you use the GFC Universal Mounting Brackets for the FSR awning? If so, 2 or 3 brackets?

Appreciate it!

Yes, universal brackets and did 3. Holds up nice and firm with no issues at all!

The guys at comal truck gear (where I am in Texas) told me the +4 were for having 500# constantly and would level it out well. I definitely have more than 500# almost all the time so still sags a little…. But I’d say you’d be good with +3

Also, sorry for late response, never saw this!

Did you space the brackets evenly or put two closer toward the rear awning hinge? Does even matter? Thx.

Yep, nothing special just tried to distribute the weight as best as I could! However, it was hard as hell to do solo lol deff suggest 2 people to make it easier

Thx for the tips!

Just picked up my FSR awning and had another question so I can avoid having to redo the install. There are 3 tracks on the bottom tent extrusion. Did you install the universal mounts on the top 2 tracks or the bottom 2 tracks? If on the bottom 2, does it interfere with opening the side panel? Thx in advance!

I will have to look tomorrow to double check, but havent had any issues opening the sides at all. Ill report back!

Hi, have you had a chance to check if you used the upper or lower tracks for mounting your awning?