2018 Taco w. GFC and Goose Gear Build for Sale


I know you don’t want to sell the GFC separately. If for some reason you do, I’m in WA and would take it off your hands :slight_smile:


Love your truck, I also have a DCLB cement!


Thanks Alex,
I’ll let you know if it becomes available. There’s a list of people who want to do the same. Nevertheless, I’ll keep you posted. Cheers

@Utsnowsurfer, I’m looking at possibly outfitting my 2017 Tacoma GFC setup with Goose Gear. I contacted Goose Gear directly regarding the Vagabond setup, thinking that it might fit in the GFC since they’re similar, but they said it won’t fit. How did you outfit yours? Did you just buy a blank plate and the components separately and drilled your own holes to fit?


Also interested in this!

Any way you would sell Goose gear setup?