2019 Ford Ranger Lariat Build - Pull Out Kitchen

I’ll update this on an as complete basis, but was excited to share my progress in a dedicated place. 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat SuperCrew w/ 5’ bed.

V2 GFC in white and orange
No after market mods to the vehicle for now

Here are my SketchUp designs for the system.


Box built and drawers slides installed


I like that cushion on top. hook up the brake light!


Yes!! Looks awesome so far. Following this one for sure!

hahahha PRIORITIES MAN! Kitchen, then brake light


I still need to hook mine up too. Is it just black wire to black wire and red to red on the brake lights?

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I don’t remember and I thought I took a picture but I can’t find it. it wasn’t as straight forward as that. there are 3 wires to the brake light and you need to figure out the 3rd brake light led polarity and on top of that I have XL with halogen tail lights so who knows what you need to do

Update on the drawer system. Cabinets built and drawer slides attached


@johnyboy365 wow! That is super nice. Jealous of the wood working skills.

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Storage lift top hinge, Blackstone Grill and utensil drawer installed…Next up, trying to figure out where to mount the faucet!? I’ll poll the audience and see what everyone here thinks. The opening in the smaller drawer is for a single burner. Either I mount the faucet on the drawer face or mount it next to the sink…Both have their pro’s and con’s.
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I think option 2 next to the sink looks more elegant. That is amazing craftsmanship there. Any idea on weight yet?

Appreciate the feedback and I’m beginning to lean more towards option 2 as well. Much cleaner. And regarding weight, I’ve got 1 sheet of 1/2" and 2.5 sheets of 3/4" baltic birch in this puppy so from pure material weight, you’re looking at around ±140 lbs give or take. Certainly built more for durability and not for lightness!

With that said, my wife and I aren’t much for the intense off roading excursion but are more pro leisure/scenic camping. And are certainly pro, having everything in it’s easily accessible place. We did a 2 month trip back when we first met, and lived out of multiple storage containers…and NEVER AGAIN will we go through that annoyance! After all that I’ve learned from the experience, I’ll probably build a V2 at some point using all 1/2" material and more glue / pocket screws.


door number 1!.. my reasoning is your have water access to fill dog bowls(may not apply to you) without pulling out the drawer.

I like how you built around the griddle. I love cooking on those. in my former life as a chef, I leaned how to cook anything on a 72" griddle… anything. name it and I’ll show you how


pocket screws man… If I had. dollar for every time I’ve ran back to home depot for more pocket screws…

Man that build is looking super clean man. Really dialed. Great job, can’t wait to see it finished. Are you going to paint it or line it with anything?


Top 5-10 favorite things to griddle cook? I’ll have to start a recipe book for sure!

leaving out the obvious stuff like pancakes, eggs & bacon, steaks, hash browns, burgers

4.sandwiches- lumping them all together
3.chocolate lava cakes
2.curry- that’s a little more difficult but possible
1.Fried rice

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The build is looking good!!

24" Blackstone, nice! Since it is only my wife and myself, I use a 17" Blackstone on a regular basis.

I know you are anxious to get it all done. It will be good to see it all done. I would have done something like this with my truck; however, I need it to function as a truck around the house too. Not just a camper.

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@johnyboy365 beautiful.

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forgot Hiroshima okonomiyaki. I was at work at this popped in my head and now I want some. the lady reminds me of my beloved mother-in-law. this dish takes practice but messed up it’s still yummy. hands down my favorite cooking show

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Figured I’d start capturing the process of my build via youtube as I know there will be multiple iterations of it that people might have questions about.

My Youtube Debut!
Ideally I’ll start adding a hardware spec list in case others are interested in copying the design etc.