2019+ Ford Ranger Roof Rack Ideas?

Does anyone know of a roof rack which would fit in front of a GFC for a 2019+ Ranger ?

@Ten8_overland did you get a new truck or do you still have the Ranger? I have a solution for you if you’re interested.

I’m interested if it fits supercab

I have a set of 4 Thule Evo Clamps that I’ll be using 2 of the 4 for an air diverter to send air over the camper vs into the slot behind the cab. Here is the image of what the options are by price.

You’ll need to get all below:
Thule Wingbar Evo 135 | 711400
Thule Clamp Evo | 710501
Kit 145063

The cost is pretty insane for the whole kit ($649.85) but that’s the best solution that I could come up with if you’re looking to buy new. I ended up getting the WingBar and the EvoClamp for dirt cheap at an REI garage sale so I got lucky in buying semi new / used. I had to buy the fitment kit at MSRP but the savings was worth going this direction.

I’m curious what you’re trying to execute? We might even be able to find a way to split the cost and I could sell you 2 of the 4 Evo Clamps.

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that was the plan for it. somebody else on here mounted an old snowboard that looked awesome. if I ever find a thrift store score, that might be the winner. I also looked into aluminum sheet and brackets but that was a bit pricey for something to divert wind. I also have ability to make a carbon fiber dam. it’s just finding time

I had an old thule rack laying around for cars without rails and picked up a used wind fairing. I’m not convinced it did much other than reduce wind noise. Maybe got .5 MPG back. I want to see if a prinsu rack would fit with some minor cutting like how some of the tacoma folks have done.

Still have the Ranger. Honestly best truck I’ve ever owned :blush:

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