2019 Tacoma 6' bed

Thanks to @d.shaw and @GFC706 for inspiration. DeeZee bedmat and large poly box, two Plano Sportsman’s storage boxes, and camp toilet.

Lots of storage space for camping, hunting, and fishing gear but still super usable in sudden, long duration bad weather, and flexible.

So far handheld solar charging devices are adequate for most of my needs but I might eventually upgrade; that said, bigger priorities are:

  • 10 gallon water storage
  • Insulation (maybe Mylar)
  • Trailer hitch to tiedown kayak with
  • Dog bed
  • Camp shower
  • Awning
  • Rod/kayak paddle storage

oh man that looks great mate

Thank you! I’m enjoying the daylights out of it

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Cool beans, brother! Looks great. Enjoy…


Thank you – I’m definitely enjoying the daylights out of it