2019 Tacoma Rear Cab Brake light recall

Im at the dealership getting my 30,000 mile tune and there is a recall issue on the cab brake light. I basically told them there’s no way that’s getting done. Anyone else have any experience with this?

Why do you say “no way that’s getting done” do you not want to prevent the leaking?

From what I’ve heard, dealers won’t do this work with a topper on the truck. So if you’re GFC is already installed and your Tacoma is not leaking yet it’s a dilemma.

Toyota’s limited service campaign on this issue runs until April 30, 2025. So you could conceivably wait a while if you don’t want to remove the GFC yet. The repair includes fixing any water damage caused to the headliner, etc.

When I had my cap installed, they put a seal on the bed lip, then placed the cap directly down onto it with a ceiling mounted hoist; I live in a rural area, and just moved here so I know no one, and have no way to get this on or off my truck. The dealer said they will not touch it; not sure how to resolve this, was really not planning on ever removing it…

If you live in a rural area just make an A frame hoist and lift it off. heck you could buy one of these. I would be worried that being the dealer already mentioned it if you don’t get it fixed and end up with water damage they would say sorry you had a chance to fix it before the damage. I would think 3 people could easily lift a tacoma camper off. Most rural places have kids looking to make money. pay a couple of kids $25 to help you lift it off.

Has anyone had this fix done with the camper on?

It may be ugly, but just silicon caulk over the brake light edges from the exterior. It works and can be done with gfc attached. Silicon should come off easily with little or no damage later.

Silicon could be done really cleanly if you remove the gfc, but at that point the Toyota dealer should handle it.

I too discovered this Toyota flaw after my GFC was installed. Nothing like water coming down the back window interior after a rain.

Toyota cannot or will not do it with a camper attached. Needs to be pulled from the outside.

I thought toyotas never had problems…

Same goes for GFCs…am I right?!


I love this forum–was just going to post a question about this and here it is already discussed!

I also do not want to remove my GFC. But the light is leaking. I live in the desert–and don’t wash my truck–so it rarely leaks. And when it does leak, it is bone dry in a couple hours.

So…have folks had success with the silicone approach?

I replaced mine with the meso customs version however now it’s pointless that I have a GFC. It’s worth taking care of so your interior doesn’t look like a moldy mess.