2020 Chevy Trail Boss LT with GFC Camper for sale

I have a beautiful shadow grey 2020 Trail Boss LT with a black GFC camper, with the orange bars. About 15,000 miles. No damage. Just stuck on the east coast and don’t need either. Let me if anyone’s interested. Skip the line and get a full truck! Based in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Pictures and price? What town?

I’ve been searching the internet for pics of a trail boss with a gfc. I just today paid my invoice in full for the gfc going on my 2021 custom trail boss! I would love to see pics of your set up. Did you need to do anything to the suspension to help carry the added weight? Good luck with the sale!

I’ll try to post some photos this week. But it looks great. It also drives better in my opinion than the Ram. And the OEM suspension does fine with a moderate to heavy load in the bed. You might need some help if you have a heavy load and are also pulling something.

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Thanks. We’re in Amenia, NY. And will try to post some photos this week.


I’d like to buy the camper. I have the 2021 trail boss. Lmk if you sold the whole package already. I’m sure we can work something out.


Thanks for the interest. I haven’t sold the truck or the camper. Do you have a way to lift it off and move it? You’ll need a rubber gasket to set the camper into. Those issues are why I listed the whole truck?

I’m sure we can figure it out. Gimme a ring when you get a chance.

What bed length is your Trail Boss?

Got my V1 GFC as a second owner. We were able to transfer over the camper with 3 people lifting and careful planning. It goes! :+1:

I’m very interested in looking at your vehicle package. Could you please send me some pics and price. Thanks so much in advance.

If you still have the package available please feel free to call me at 612-701-5052. Thanks so much in advance…