2020 Ford Raptor 2nd Gen 3rd Brake Light Wiring

Just got my camper installed and need to wire my 3rd brake light for a 2nd Gen Ford Raptor (2020). Just starting my research and thought I’d reach out here first. Any resources, tutorials, tips and recommendations appreciated. I would prefer not to have the brake light flash with the turn signal but it sounds like that may require more wiring than just tapping into the drivers side tail light.

Hopefully this helps, on my 2014 f150 there is a dedicated brake light wire under the hood on the drivers side.

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Another user mentioned this to me, but you could run down to the trailer plug wiring to find a dedicated brake only and not deal with the led at all.

I’ve read the problem with doing this it that it can cause an issue with your truck sensing that a trailer is connected. Any ideas on how to work around this?

Thanks for the reply. I will look under the hood and see if my truck is wired similarly. Then its just a matter of figuring out how to run the wire.

Oh interesting. I have a RAM with non-LED so I don’t know any work arounds unfortunately.

I have a ‘17 f-150 (non Raptor). I tapped the brake light wire in the cab behind the peddles. There’s a wire loom that runs back there. Purple/white is for the brake lights. I assume this would be the same for the raptor but might be worth verifying.

You can easily run the wire out of the cab through a rubber grommet in the drivers footwell. If you look up from underneath the truck it’s easy to spot. Just takes removing the door sill trim piece and peeling back the carpet a bit to access it from the top.

i have a 19 ranger and you tap by the pedals also. I found detailed instructions on ranger5g.com it might you help out

check your owners manual for CHMSL

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Just connected my 3rd brake light on my 2020 F150 XLT. Also tapped by the pedals. First remove the trim piece right at the door/floorboard, then the driver’s side kick panel (the one with the hood release lever) will pull out backward. Look for the purple/white wire coming out of the back of the black harness. Tap into this wire with a PosiLock connector like GFC gives you, then run this out of the floor board. I used a nail to poke a small hole in one of those black rubber plugs just beneath the edge of the carpet. The rubber is pretty thick/high quality so it seals up nicely against the wire. Agree with others - running the wire back underneath the truck is by far the worst part. Consider washing the undercarriage before the project or you’ll have small bits of dried mud dropping into your eyes like I did. Tap the ground into the black wires coming out of the brake lights (no need to run anything here).

I used 15ft of wire and it was cutting it a bit close on my supercrew/5.5 box. Buy 16ft of wire just to give yourself enough slack.

This thread from an F150 forum was helpful: https://www.f150forum.com/f118/2018-f-150-wiring-brake-light-topper-404430/

So I finally got around to doing this with my 17 f150. What a royal pain in the ass. Why the hell Ford didn’t just include a CHMSL wire at the rear of the car where everyone adding a topper can access it makes zero sense to me.

I didn’t like the rubber grommet on the underside of the drivers side (worried about water getting in, probably unnecessarily) so I ended up running the wire all the way up into the engine bay to the big existing grommet there. The wire then comes out behind my emergency brake.

I ran the wire from the back through the frame itself on the driver side using an electricians tape

Overall, I think I did a pretty nice job with this but i am embarrassed to say how long all of this took

I am now absolutely dreading hooking up my new reverse lights