2020 Gladiator build

Excellent idea. And I agree - don’t want to be cutting extra holes and only allowing more potentials spaces for water/dust.

Replaced the stock worn out fox shocks with some bilstein 5100s. Seems like a step back unless you’ve driven a gladiator loaded to the gills. The fox shocks are just valves too soft. There are absolutely better options on the market for my setup but nothing can touch the overall quality at this price point. Paid less than 500$. I also installed a heavy duty sway bar. Much needed improvement.

Looking at these pictures, I’m noticing how bad the rust is on those Teraflex coils. Wonder if they’ll help me out with that.

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I hope you like the 5100’s. I hate mine haha I think they perform horribly compared to the Fox rubicon shocks.

I am really wanting to upgrade to the falcons, just based on some builds I’ve seen.

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I had them on my jk and enjoyed them then. We will see how they hold up with the weight. With my old setup fully loaded, I was nearly at the gvwr and I’m sure it just smoked the rears. They would bounce and wobble all over the place. I’ll report back with some miles on them.

What is it about them that you don’t like?

They just seem way too stiff. I attributed it to the shock body diameter but who knows it could just be me.

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Plumbed in an RV connect sprayer wand and relocated the power switch for the pump. Very handy.