2020 Gladiator build

I’ve had this truck since new and thought it fit to show everyone what I’ve been up to with it.

Brand new off the lot in may of 2020 and I pretty quickly did the cool guy “overland” thing. Jumped on one of the only bed racks on the market at that time, wasn’t really feeling like doing a tube style rack. Bought a brand new Mombasa tent from a local shop that only used it for a shop demo. Locked that in for 600$, no complaints.

Ordered wheels and tires before all the shipping routes effectively shut down. Threw on a teraflex leveling kit and this is all the more I’ve done for suspension. More on that later.

Took this thing all over during the summer of 2020. Wife and I took the dog as many places as we possibly could.

Out of town for work for quite a while after that summer. We picked up tripping again in June of 2021. Went to Washington, glacier, Yellowstone, you name it.

I changed a lot of thing over time that I reincorporated into what I currently have. I don’t like intentionally buying expensive things that I can build myself. I’m not particularly good at anything besides mechanical things so a lot of what I have is rudimentary.

This table mount was really handy with the rack. Obviously ripped off of rebel off road.

Little tank holder for co2.

Added a drawer slide because crawling under the rack to get stuff just sucks. Added bed power to the stock 110 location as I don’t have that option.

Everything fit under a roll up tonneau cover. Super convenient.

I built a case to hold a diesel heater but I never cared for it.

This is pretty much the full extent of what I did when I had the rack. Had a few lights and things too. My friend is a photographer and got some pictures.

Dropped the rack and did a wheeling trip in Moab just before I had the go fast installed. Really nice to shed all that extra weight for a few weeks.

Took the quick day trip out to Bozeman, super friendly guys up there. My build was actually a hold over from a guy that pulled the plug a few months prior to me getting it installed. The previous buyer added the beef racks that I didn’t purchase. During install the guys spotted some blemishes in the rear panel and some shiny spots in the top anodized portion. They reinstalled the beef bars at no cost to me and replaced the rear panel. Got myself a tour of the facility while I waited and still made it home the same night. Like I said, killer crew at GFC.

Took a trip to white rim road in December with a friend of mine. Incredible trip, I’m glad it required passes to enter.

I’ve since taken the go fast out a bit and have very much enjoyed it. No more soft tent zippers carving my fingers up when it’s cold, overall just makes camping quicker which is why I made the investment.

I’ve done quite a bit to the interior now that I’ve owned it for nearly a year.

Here are some photos of the new slide and bed boxes. I’m certainly no carpenter so everything got subwoofer box carpet. Cheap and easy.

The main objective for this whole project is access from inside and outside of the truck. I slimmed down the slide as it didn’t need to be as wide as previously. Go fast doesn’t have handles ANYWHERE so that was a must to add to the extrusions. That little plug in the bumper is for my diesel heater. I have the side box wired for truck power as well as a jackery 240 wired in.

There is plenty I’ve done that I’ll answer any questions about!


I’m currently looking for a clean fun option to install a water faucet on the slide somehow. Preferably one that I can completely shut off. Ideally I’d like to use a beer tap, I think it would be super fun and I have a few laying around. Send me some suggestions!

Nice build! Love those cushion rails for the square cushions.

Pardon my ignorance, what’s the CO2 for?

Airing tires up. Not as good as nitrogen but way faster than a compressor.


Looks way better with a GFC. I love the interior build! Pretty damn functional! Great job.

Added some carpet for the headliner to church it up a little bit. Really happy with how it turned out.

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Added a faucet for my water system. Had an extra so I had to do it.


This is great. Is your water tank pressurized?

I’m using a 35 psi pump that pulls from those rotopax.

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Built a small set of cubbies for the bed overhang. Can’t store much but it was just wasted space otherwise.


Curious if you have any additional pictures of this build and how it was attached. Love this use of space.

Not gonna lie, I’ve thought about your cubbies a whole lot today and feel pretty motivated to do a rendition of my own. Finally a solid reason to take advantage of some well nuts and the panel track.

Thanks for the inspo!


Let me grab some for you today.

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Another solid build on the forums. Well done!

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So I didn’t get any from the actually build, I’m really bad about in process photos. It is built with 1/2” plywood for the top, bottom front and back with scraps of 3/4” for the side and center supports. Dimensions are 48” Wide 7” long and 6” High. Holes for the rear well nuts are exactly 40” apart. The top holes for the extrusion track are about 12” in from the outside edge. These don’t really matter though as the nuts can be placed whenever you want in the extrusion. I would not use these dimensions for anything but a gladiator as the length of overhang and distance from the top of the window to the overhang will likely be different. Using 1/2” ply worked perfect as the bolts in the well nuts are long enough to reuse. I just used whatever bolts I had around for the track nuts.

I built this to be as compact as possible and to not get in the way of the overhang or the back window. With the panels removed, it does not stick out past the extrusion.

Hope this helps!


I’ve had this setup before but I had to modify my lower hose to reach as it was originally plumbed directly out of the bed. The splitter is fantastic to add heat to upper and lower levels. If I’m by myself I will usually just leave out a square panel and pump the heat through the bed only. The splitter also helps cut the heat down a little too, the 5kw heaters are really really hot. The electrical is wired through this nice quick plug into the beds aux bus bar that is fed from my Jackery. I need to add a circuit to run my 12v computer fan to keep temps down in the side box while the heat is running.

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Did you drill a hole into the bed to vent it into the lower quarters?

Nope. My gladiator had a plastic block off plate where the optional bed 110v would be. I just removed it, cut a section of plastic and drilled a 3” hole for the tubing. I refuse to cut holes into the bed of my truck. Even with all this extra stuff, it all bolts in with stuff that the gladiator came with.

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