2020 Tundra Crewmax satellite antenna

We’re looking at getting a GFC camper for our 2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax but wondering what affect it would have on the satellite antenna for the Xm radio and factory GPS. The fin is in the center/back of the cab. I know that satellite receivers will also pick up on horizon in some instances.

Wondering if anyone has same configuration that can speak from experience

Like this?

I think OP is asking about signal interference or headunit issues since the camper covers the sharkfin. Somewhat related, but I had a 4runner with a GFC RTT completely covering the antenna and had no issues with factory GPS/XM/etc.

This is correct model. I was wondering about any interference with gps/xm radio reception with the placement of the fin antenna at the back of the cab roof

I’m not sure it would really interfere that much, but what you could also do is get one of these Dual GPS units as a backup. I use one and they work very well, especially if you’re using your phone to navigate and you’re in and out of service. It’s a nice backup that stays plugged in 24/7 in my truck and takes up no space.

I’m curious about this as well since most taco people are going with the low profile shark fin. I have a gladiator so it’s a non issue for me, but back when I had my grand Cherokee and a cvt standard tent, I had major issues with satellite radio service. So much so that I moved the tent as far forward as I could to not block the shark fin antenna.

well did the camper affect your signal reception?