2021 Ford Raptor (Gen3)

Super excited to start building the camper out on my dream truck. Went from Tacoma, RAM 2500, then now Raptor. Stoked to be able to hit the road immediately w/ the 5 link coils since it’s plenty capable for what I need. The exhaust modes (quiet, normal, sport, baja) are f#^$%# awesome, silent when driving around camp. Plan is to build out the interior next.

2021 Ford Raptor

  • 801A
  • Power Tech Package
  • Moonroof
  • Carbon Fiber Package
  • 17” Forged Wheels
  • Bedliner

Build #1580

@ 40 miles installed the V2


Nice build! :+1:

Wow only 40 miles at GFC install. You must have gone to GFC on your test drive!

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Thanks, I took deliver of the camper and installed on a 21 F-150 (work truck) until the Raptor arrived. GFC was waiting in my garage and installed first thing when brought it home :grinning:


Really appreciate how the GFC fits so well. My neighbor just picked his SP camper and it has lots of gaps and looks as if it’s a universal type fit. The GFC is more tailored by comparison.


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