2022 Chevy 3500 Single Cab Bike Hauler

Well, I figured I’d document some building and adventuring as I figure out the GFC setup. The truck specs are a 2022 Chevy 3500LT in two door/long bed flavor with the 6.6 gas engine. Having built a couple vans prior, this is an all new set of challenges and ideas. Looking to keep it more minimal and truck-use for now. My main priorities are that I want bicycles locked inside the bed and a solar/power bank system to power our Dometic Fridge for weekend trips.

Here’s how it currently sits. I already have done Kryptonite UCAs, Fox 2.0 shocks, Weld Wheels and 35s to get the build started.

Any and all solar/power ideas are welcomed. I’ve done the DIY solar twice before and am leaning towards that, but have my reservations about drilling holes in the camper.


Figured I would share the front fender rear caps I got from Sharp Truck because I couldn’t find anything on them prior to taking the risk of ordering. They were crucial to making the 35s work without a full lift.

The 35s rubbed when turned and into the up travel, so I found these to replace them. They look factory, get rid of the rubbing and cost 1/3 of the Keldermann Fender Caps with no hacking up of the new truck still under warranty.

This thing is pretty awesome. I don’t know it is but the long beds with like no overhang look sick.


green with regular cab/8’ bed envy :face_exhaling: That is a cavernous space in the back. Do you plan on putting in a Jacuzzi and sauna?

Yes, after I plan the tiny home community inside as well.


Overland Soft goods sheets and mattress topper installed. Pretty tight fit and feels good in the 2 minute test. We came from a moto hauler gaucho style fold down bed so my standards are pretty low compared to others in terms of comfort.

No leaks at all through the storms this week and I tested around town, freeway driving, parking nose up and down, and purposely left the snow all over the camper. The tent does look slightly bowed with the topper/sheet set so I’m hoping it doesn’t create a gap and leak. Will update as the next couple days and storms roll through.


Roughing out the gear and finding how much space it takes up. Doesn’t look like much with the big bed, but that’s about all we carry minus tools. To be continued.


Update on the build. Got solar installed today in the 30min rain gap today, and the mounting for the bikes for our upcoming trip. I got a couple Amazon cargo nets for 25 bucks and made my own bedding storage. 0 degree Teton Sports bag makes it pretty full but it serves the purpose. I got some C clips with a single hole from Tractor Supply and modified them to mount into the GFC mounting holes.

Pretty pumped on this.

Couple photos of the c rings


Looks awesome! What was your total cost? I am getting a 3500 long bed, want the same.

Total for the GFC that has tent doors, beef bars, a ladder, rear window and painted silver was about 11k with tax from the CA install location. I’m happy with it.

So far, I only have had water come in through the bed rail seals a bit during heavy wind and rain, but I also didn’t prep them at all so I’ll take fault for that. Tent and other areas have been dry.

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Some on-the-road shots. Constantly torn between a sick build and sending it with a bunch of gear in backpacks and totes. All the same fun at the end of the day. So far the tote and bag method is doing well for us.


Yea sealing those damn bed rails can be a pain! GFC is doing some repairs on my tent (stiching coming undone) and while the tent is off the truck, going to work on resealing my tacoma bed once again.

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Can you link the amazon cargo net you bought? It looks perfect! Thanks!!

Yessir here you go.


I’ll note it’s not the highest quality but I used a couple bungees to support it as well and it’s good now. About 35 bucks versus 300 and functions the same. Held a 0 degree double bag for a week without issue so far.