2022 Ford Lightning / GFC v2 3345, 2023 rigging

I used my GFC first on my '21 F150 Powerboost. Then when my '22 Lightning came last year, my local small town Ford dealer moved it right over and wired the brake light into the truck, all as part of the sale, no extra charge. Small town service matters!

So far have been camping in it about 4 times, though only up to 5 days at a time this year. So I didn’t put the 16 gall water tank and the cabinets in. But next year… :smiley:

The big blue can is my drinking water. The small blue one is my greay water. In the back L is my black water. So I’m a regular RV here :joy:

The main mods I have on the GoFast itself, is some hangers bolted into the GFC bolt holes, to guide my LED wiring and hang stuff by. I have the 2 LED light strips down low on one switch, and another short strip up top in the tent on another switch. There is also a hanging bug/LED battery (USB charged) light at each tailgate corner, which helps keep the pests down. And I use a 1 or 1.5" lightweight ThermaRest pad up top, when I remember it. Makes sleeping much better.

Builtright molle panels are on the side, which hold recovery boards on R, and up by the tailgate, on L, bear spray, knife, the propane bag, and from GoFast rail, TP and Paper towel. On the R molle is cup/can holder, fire extinguisuer

I put a Bed Rug kit in, which makes it a LOT nicer to crawl in when I have to. The gear boxes are actually still being pared down. Am looking to cut to just 1 big and 1 small green boxes (cooking and propane stuff and 1 of the smaller stacked boxes in the back (behind the stool). I also bought a MUCH better stool that I can sit on, instead of always sitting on my Portapotty.

The brown sack on the front left is my 11-lb propane tank. Love that thing for being able to use my camp stove and Ignik Fire Box.

Very low tech and not fancy enough for YouTube overlanding channels, but used more than my gear boxes, is my dishpan. Has a cup, bowl, fork, spoon, dish scrubber, water pot, dish soap, and Wet Wipes

The clear box in the back is my candle lanterns and other odds and ends I use a lot. The stove is a super high-tech Walmart special, which just plain works, year after year, again.

For longer camping trips, I have a shower curtain that bolts to GoFast on one side, and a Joolca water heater. Glamping in style then.

Next steps: Turbo Cubby cabinets from GFC probably. Would be a lot more convenient than in/out of truck so much for gear boxes.


Looks awesome! Thank you for sharing! How are you liking the lightning?

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Loving the Lightning. It is nice to be better for the planet. But I really love how smooth and quiet it is, yet I am hauling stuff just like with any other truck I’ve owned. But don’t plan on towing very far at a time - that 320 mile range drops by half when towing.

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How long does a charge take? For example, if you had to tow like 400 miles

I usually charge for about 45 minutes, to go from 15-90% if it is a fast charge (140kwh or better). I warm weather, that is about 270 miles of range. Towing would be half that. When away from freeways, though, fast chargers aren’t common; then it can take 1-2 hours to get that much charge on a 50 kwh charger, which is becoming pretty common in rural Wisconsin and down to Oklahoma.

Still have the camper set up on the Lightning? Im just curious how you find it affects the range ?

Nice one! Do you just have bedrug, or do you also have a spray-in bedliner underneath?

I’d probably be getting about 5-10% better range without the GFC. But that would defeat the main reason I have the truck. And I actually don’t know for sure, because the dealer moved it over for me, so I don’t have any comparison.

Now if I could just take the GFC off and leave it on a stand when not using it, that would be the best of both. But they recommend against that.

Also, someone else asked about BedRug. Yep. And I love it! Keeps it warmer/cooler, way easier on knees, and keeps dust from entering, also.