2023/2022 (Gen 3) Tundra 5.5' bed with Platform Topper Question

Is there anyone lurking around here with a stock 5.5’ bed Gen 3 Tundra and a Topper that can get me a height dimension from the ground at the rear most point of the topper?

I’m attempting to do the math to see if this truck topper combo can fit in my garage :confused:

One way to test clearance into your garage is to mock up something equal to the height of the topper above your trucks bed rails. You could use dowel rods, a piece of 1 x 2 wood, or even the cardboard tube from gift wrapping paper. Attach the mock up to the two back corners of your truck bed. Then slowly drive into your garage to verify clearance. This way your testing your truck (tire size, suspension, etc.) Compared to your garage door clearance.

Normally I would completely agree! However my truck is still in transit :rofl:. Im considering ordering the topper early to reduce the lag time between receiving the truck and a topper :slight_smile:. Fitting in the garage isn’t a major deal breaker but if im going to be parking outside i may as well just get the camper.