2023 Ford F250 Build Lizard Wagon

I have recently become the proud owner of a new F250. Just wanted to start this thread to document the build process. This truck is replacing my 2017 TRD Offroad that had a GFC. The truck is a 2023 F250 with the High Output 6.7 Powerstroke, it is a crew cab “short-bed” in antimatter blue with the blackout package. I am driving to Montana 8/3 to get the GFC installed. Here are some photos.
Truck pre

First thing I did was trim the front valence with a box cutter and some masking tape now it is a “Tremor Valence”
Truck post


CONGRATULATIONS on your new truck! That thing looks like a beast already. Keep us posted on your build. What color GFC combo are you getting installed?

Thanks! The GFC is just a Black Platform Camper.

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Awesome truck! Definitely looking forward to seeing your build.

Made the day trip to Montana from SLC to get the GFC installed, very stoked with how it turned out. Also found out this is the first GFC on a 23 MY Superduty.


Also got a decked drawer system second hand and got that installed.


Setup looks great! Considering doing the same setup on my 21’ with a Decked and camper. What do you estimate the height is from drawer top to roof with the camper down? Thanks!

I measured it right at 3 feet

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Awesome, thank you! Looks like you could setup a studio apartment in that thing.

Few updates to the rig. I got some marine flooring sheets and stuck it to the decked drawers so things don’t slide around and it’s much more forgiving to kneel on. Also got a bed rug for the tailgate. It is only half done because I am planning on putting in an axillary battery system to run a Dometic and will probably end up cutting up that side of the decked but I haven’t gotten that sorted quite yet.

I also wanted to make a system where I could leave one of the side panels open and have the dogs hang out in there without being able to escape. I originally saw someone on here do something similar with metal grate, like a dog create but ended up getting a custom net made because it is easily removable as it is just carabinered. Installed mounting points out of the GFC hole system plus some brackets mounted onto the space frame.

I also changed the foam in the GFC bed based off a recommended amazon product off this forum and it made a massive difference, much more comfortable. It is 3 inch foam.
I ordered an Expedition One front bumper a few months ago and the one they made didn’t fit because they did not anticipate Ford making slight adjustments to the frame form 22 and earlier model years. They ended up having to start form scratch on a redesign and this is a photo of the test fit, just need clean up and powder coat.
I also got a full Carli Pintop system and 37s ordered and that will get installed in about a month which is going to be awesome because the stock suspension is absolute trash.

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Like the bumper Im going to be following you, I had a similar bumper on my Tundra that was a Aluminess
Just got a 2023 Super duty and my 2nd GFC is on order
Your Truck is looking great :call_me_hand:

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The truck had a major transformation last week. I had Salty Gears Off-road install a 2.5 Carli Pin-top system with radius arms, progressive leaf pack, sway bar, steering stabilizers and 37" Geolanders (Very little/no rubbing with the stock wheels no spacers). The improvement in handling, ride and performance is astonishing I guess you get what you pay for.


The next day I finally got the bumper I ordered in May installed after a multitude of setbacks on the manufactures part, it did turn out super nice and matches the proportions of the truck now, very large.


Next step is tinting the front windows to match the rear and limo tinting the back window of the GFC so people cant see in. Also have some amber XL80s that are going in the bumper. Once the tint is done curing I’ll wash the truck and take some better photos. Really stoked on how it is turning out.