2023 Ram 2500 Camper-office

I have been pining after my first proper truck camper for about a decade. A high school friend showed me his Four wheel camper while I was home once, and I never got it out of my head. Early on, I had my eye on something similar but eventually sought a Scout. Upon discovering Go Fast, I realized it checked all of my boxes and had no impact on the ability to haul my business trailer.

I made pickup at stellar built in Sacramento. Cool place, knowledgeable and helpful crew. I am looking forward to taking a project vehicle in for snow crawler conversion down the road.


So far, the only picture I have taken was when I was getting ready to get on the road back to Washington after they finished. I lost about 1mpg from my observations since returning home. Very little driving noise difference with the exception of a period of heavy cross winds that made a periodic ‘whomp’.

The first project will be figuring out some temporary bed storage/furniture. I hope to have that going by the end of the month when work slows down. Fortunately I have a knowledgeable group of friends and one of them has more woodworking tools than I knew existed.

I plan to have a convertible seat/flattop area for my kid’s cot and biking, camping, and chainsawing gear underneath. Unfortunately, I will have limited use until I figure out a power solution. I need to stay productive and connected between school, hobbies, and my jobs. So far, I have only had the chance to use it as a standing desk.