2024 GMC Sierra 2500HD AT4

I’m always thankful to people that post on forums/groups so I figured I would throw my truck up in case it helps anyone else on what to do (or not to do). I’ll try to update as I continue building things out, but I am taking this slow so I can minimize mistakes. I’m taking the truck out to camp often, learning from my trips and then trying to solve issues as I go along.

My wife, dog, and I as well of a couple of our best friends try to get out and camp as much as possible. We almost always are sleeping 3-4 people plus our dog if she comes. Our goal with the truck/camper is to have all of our gear we typically need ready to go, minimize setup/tear down, and help get us out more often and further.

We drove out to Utah from Michigan to pick up the camper from another GFC forum member. 3500 miles later and we made it back home. This was a quick road side stop on our way back.


One of the first things I tackled was ordering a rearview mirror camera relocation kit from Camera Source so I can get my rearview camera back. The GFC blocks the factory third brake light and camera. This took a little bit of time, but it wasn’t too difficult. Disconnect the factory camera in the headliner from the rear seat area, mount and run the wire from the back of the GFC through the GFC into and out of the bed of the truck, along the frame rails and into the cab of the truck. Came out well and camera restored.

Disconnecting the factory camera

I utilized the existing hole for the third brake light on the GFC. Used a Dremel to make a little slot for the camera wire to sit in. Used sealant to make sure it’s weather tight.

Camera and brake light reinstalled and works great.

Rearview camera operation restored.


Hest dually long mattress and pillows for stealth camping or sleeping 2 up top and 2 below.

Putco molle panels in.


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Out of order update, but picture from on the way home from Utah showing the GFC on the truck

Back home and washed up


I wanted a way to bring my dirt bike with us on trips as that’s what I will ride to really explore trails. I also wanted a way to bring the bike plus tow our small square drop trailer as well when we bring it. Best solution I could come up with so far is a Versahaul for sport bikes that has a hitch on the rear that is rated to tow 3000 lbs. Here’s a picture from when I first got it installed with my Sur Ron on it. Should hopefully handle a 250-450 bike just fine as well.

Nice job on the rearview mirror camera relocation.

After I picked up my camper over a year ago I looked for one of these but came up empty.

Which version did you use? I think I found the right one, but it asks if your topper is ARE or Leer…

Hey thanks - I had the same question. I called Camera Source and talked to their support, who are really nice and helpful, and they said I would be better off with their “universal” camera kit. I hadn’t even seen it as an option till they mentioned it. The only difference is that it comes with a little surface mount bracket, screws, and adhesive pad to mount the camera instead of a specific bracket that only fits an ARE/Leer third brake light.

Here’s a link to an example of a universal kit. The part number ends in U to denote the difference.

JE drip rail is awesome. Water was pouring into the backseat before these. Had a huge downpour and no issues.

Doggo tax.


Perfect thanks, I’ve got mine on order!

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Glad to hear it! Thanks for the shout out!


You’ll want the step up next! I love mine for hoping into the tent from downstairs and so does the GF.


That’s enough to push me over the edge, ordered one because yeah right now we just do our best to use the bottom rail to hop up. Thanks for the tip!

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Those look like a battery operated fan or something? Would love to get the lead for that. I also have the GFC on a 2500 GMC, though a decade older :slight_smile:


Nice truck! Here’s a link to the ones I ordered. There’s a few different of these cheapie ones on Amazon. I liked these because they hang from a hook, have a remote, and have a light. These ones work with Milwaukee batteries that I use for a number of other things I take with me.

Any tips on hooking up the third brake light?

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It was a huge hassle for my 2023 Silverado, i had to take it into the dealer as the wire i connected to… triggered an issue with electrical draw… Apperently vehicles can now sense electrical draw.

My local dealer had to run a wire from the engine bay all the way back.

I’d assume a similar issues with the GMC.

Maybe this will help ya…