2024 Ranger Raptor - Jerry can strapped in right rear, will the Topper clamp clear it?

I discovered that my 5 gallon Wedco NATO gas can fits in the back corner as if the truck was designed around it, no steel mounting bracket required! There is a 3.25 inch gap at the tailgate area, will my new Topper rear rail clamp fit in that small space?

I would guess that the factory location would not line up exactly, can I have them reposition it slightly (cut out a new rectangular access hole on the outside rail and drill through at the new location?

Can that “through bolt” that goes horizontally into the rail clamp be simply omitted, or is it structural? I am unclear what that bolt does….

Thanks for any (constructive) comments. I could contact GFC but I hate to bother them if this can be solved here…. Another Ranger owner might be able to tell me where that factory bracket is at…, in relation to the tailgate/ bed structure.

John Davies
Spokane WA

I don’t think you can because that looks like right where the cross bar mounts.

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I doubt they can move the hole for you as they do everything on a cnc machine and changing the program for a 1 off would be a large burden.

If you really want it to happen I’d say just do it yourself. You don’t need to make a square, you just need a hole to give you enough access to get the nut on.

But also as @Dogandagladiator mentioned it looks like you’d hit the brace mount.

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