22’ Nissan Frontier DIY Build

This is such a sweet build, appreciate you posting the inspiration! My downstairs is taken up for 2 kids to sleep in so I’m always jealous when I see these mansions, lol, some day…


I like that Iceco fridge. They make a great product…perhaps the best value in overlanding fridges.

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which GFC model did you get? Is it just a Toyota Tacoma one? I didn’t think they made GFC for the Frontier yet.

@RedHawk, it’s V2 and we are the 2nd install on 22’ Frontier back in March!

New under cabinet lights. The original version led light strip was too cheaply made and replaced it with the same light strip (much better quality) that I used in the tent.

My original thought was to have red, blue, yellow to not to attract bugs at night…aaand with remote control…then I lost the remote plus not as quality made…oh well.

LED Strip Light 5V USB 6.56ft/2m… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09JS2L7PM?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


Fantastic interior build!

Really cool rig. Love how you built the interior but left a lot of floor space.

Hi! I love the build! I too have a Frontier (2020) and have some questions:
1 - Did GFC require that you remove the side utilitracks? I noticed you have the far end of the bed still in tact…wasn’t sure if they were all covered by your build.
2 - Can you share more about your electric setup? I still cannot wrap my mind around how people do what they do for electric…
3 - What did you use to mount the DIY camp shower to the GFC.


  1. Yes
  2. 12v set up is pretty easy.
    Positive wire go through to shunt to DC to DC & Solar charger, then another shunt to battery. Battery to inverter or plugs go through 12v fuse box similar to that one you find for your car. Shunts are (watt divided by voltage = amp), so my set up is 400w divided by 12v and 40amp.
    All purchase through Amazon!
  3. See attached


I know this is an old thread. I wanted to know how the clearance was for the GFC and the shark fin antenna on the cab?