22’ Nissan Frontier DIY Build

2 gal fresh water, faucet, sink drain between the cab
200w solar panel, 100a LiFePO4 battery & charger
1200w Bestek inverter
Under counter & desktop led lights
Multiple USB ports & 12v sockets
ICECO refrigerator on slide out
Aluminum & MDF board cabinets with many storage

DIY Fabrications;
3/4”, 1/2”, 1/4” MDF boards
Galvanized steel joints
1’ x 2’ thin aluminum sheets
1”, 3/4”, 1/2” aluminum corners
Slide out table for refrigerator
3/4”, 1/2”, 3/8” zinc screws & liquid nail
Aluminum rack for ROAM roof box
4.5 gal pressurized solar shower
4” x 6’ sewer pipe and fittings w/bicycle air stem

Off-road Upgrades
4” Nisstec lift with 285/70/17 tires

Only used electric jigsaw, screw driver & hand held steel files…all materials, electrical are from either Home Depot or Amazon next day. (Perfect for today’s supply issues & no stress of breaking and replacements)!

Bench seat is actually comfortable for one small person and storage comes in super handy!

No screws into existing truck bed, all fitted to the bed size and it has been tested off road at Moab Hurrah pass…nothing came loose…except tons of red dust came in from the tail gate. So, we added tailgate gaskets and also stuffed insulations all around the truck bed wall.

All came out as we wanted and believe or not, you can do this less than $2,000 including all electrical components…the most expensive item is refrigerator…of course not including Go Fast Camper, Nisstec Lift & tires…

BTW - I’ve never built anything before…not even a simple cabinet…so…literally anyone can do this…

Our first camping will be at Overland Expo West on-site campground, we are new to overland and want to learn where to camp!

If anyone like the cabinet setting, then I can help any GFC owners! DIY is the way! You won’t regret, since you can fix it anywhere anytime as long as Home Depot is near & open!!! It is easy to build it again…maybe <$700 ish, everything else can be transferred…the next time will be less cost as I used too many MDF & Aluminums…hahaha


Here are closer look;








4.5 gal ish pressurized solar shower…18psi max…
Maybe <$150…you cannot buy 4” sewer pipe 6’…I had to buy 10’…what a waste…. Installed in angle towards the front for air to be formed away from the spigot! Works amazingly!


More plumbing…2 gal water tank, but I thought of water availability and I can easily switch to 1 gal water from any gas station…


More plumbing…super easy…maybe it took 10min to install…took more time at the Home Depot to find the right flexible plastic drain…


I like the mounting location for the fresh water tank. Perhaps not the best for cold weather camping but a great use of the RTT side extrusion.

Edit: oops, my bad. That’s the shower tank, not the fresh water tank. We have a similar pressurized tank solution but mounting inside and using for both kitchen and showering.


Thanks for the heads up, I can add a mod for winter camping. I can insulate 2 gal tank easily and also be able to add battery heater under the tank!

Oh ok, yep, that is only for shower and solar heated…so, it needs to be outside aaand we realized that shower need to be mounted in angled for inside air to be away from the spigot.

The next build will be 5’x10’ or 6’x12’ off-road trailer and do “hour shower, Murphy bed and small kitchen!

Here is the location of 1200w inverter & additional USB ports…I am thinking to add simple USB led lights inside of the pop up tent in near future…that is why USB ports are inside of tiny cabinet!


Love this build! I’m a frontier group with you and you inspired my purchase of a GFC! Glad to see you here!


When you get yours, please let me know if you need a help build yours! Help each other’s is the best way!

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Definitely will!! I’ll be getting it mid-July. Thanks Taka!

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Very nice build-out. Looks Very livable for bad or buggy weather. Am curious what your sink drains to?

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Sink drains to “in between” the cab & bed. There is a 1” or 1.5” oval shaped access hole located on both sides of the bed. (For 22’ Frontier), but I also checked other trucks and they have those holes as well! I have a drain plug, so unwanted critters will not come in from the drain!

Here is at night with all lights on.
All LED lights are dimmable and with100ah LiFePO4 battery, they can be on all night and won’t drain much of battery.


Holy crap this is a shortbed!??! It looks like an apartment. Super jealous of the bedsize compared to a tacoma. Heard Frontiers have one of the widest/biggest beds.

Edit - how are you liking that 21QT iceco? Thought about getting those as well since they are so low profile. You could get (2) and end up with a fridge and freezer with less space used than (1) giant one.

2nd edit - showed my SO and we are just so impressed with your work. It looks freaking amazing for someone who did it from scratch. Really functional too. Really impressed, great work. Going to try to do something similar to you. We LOVE your drivers side seat/storage.


Please let me know if you need any help with your build! BTW, the curvature in front of the bench is also a small storage as well! Everything can be used as the storage.

The next is to build a cabinets to go into the corners on top of the counter! I have to fit them into the triangle frames…it will be very interesting!

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Bigger Iceco fridge and new 12v plug

Bungees to hold paper towel and maybe wet towels

Scrapped the idea to build triangle top cabinets, then placed “backpack”…better idea as we need to bring backpack anyways and to keep all of the small items.