270° Awning tie back

Have installed a Litewing 270° awning and have questions. Anyone else have this awning and find that it is not actually 270° but more like 255°? Also what do you use for a tieback on the side of the camper. I was thinking about making something out of 1in aluminum bar to clip the tie back to.

I’ve considered the litewing for a while now. I agree, it’s more like 255 degrees. I know a few people have added tie-down points to their GFC track for their awnings, something like this from Lumbering Bear would work well, I imagine.

How do you like the awning otherwise? Have you had it up in rain/windy situations?

I haven’t used it in wind or rain yet. Heading to Oregon Coast next week so I’ll get to try it out in those conditions soon. I did reach out to RoofNest and they have said that something is not quite right with this one and have agreed to make it right. And thanks for the suggestion I ordered one right away. That’s exactly what I was looking for.