2nd Gen Antenna Delete?

Hey yall, number #591 here. Apologize if this has already been covered in a different post. I was wondering if the sharkfin antenna on 2nd gen Tacoma’s need to be deleted with the clearance of the GFC prior to installation.

Not really interested in spending the money just for looks so just wondering if it would work with the existing clearance over the cab.


not the best pic, sorry - i could get a better one tomorrow. im on stock bedrails and whilst there is room i wish id had trimmed mine down a couple inches, for whatever reason

  • its going to be a bit trickier now


GFC mod


I have stock bed rails on my 2nd gen and there is no issue with clearance for the shark fin.

I have replacement bed rails so less clearance and I picked up the Bullet antenna from https://totallyradproducts.com/ for the 12-15 I’m currently looking for to replace my 11.

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Just did this mod in anticipation of my pending camper. I can second that https://totallyradproducts.com makes a killer product. Install video here https://youtu.be/KBh9Ob3R5RI took all of 10min to swap.

Thanks for the heads up @Hoarder23

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You did it the fast way. I followed the old instructions of installing from the inside after dropping the liner which takes a long time.

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I saw early install treads on TacoWorld and was dreading it… Anderson, at TRP sent me the install video he did and turns out all you really need is a 22mm socket

I have factory bed rails on my 2nd get Tacoma and I had no clearance issues for about a year until the plastic bed rails compressed. Last month the front camper attach bolts were loose because of the compression and shark fin was touching the camper.
I just loosened the camper and lifted the front to give myself clearance to get the shark fin out but it would have been much easier if I did it before installing the camper.

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