2nd Gen Tacoma V2 GFC Camper + Accessories

Selling my GFC as I rarely get chances to go out and use it and my interests are now in getting a motorcycle. I’m based in the SF Bay Area.

V2 Camper, Gray shell, Tangerine Dream tent color with both side doors. No windows on GFC. Mantis Claw & Ladder and 3x GFC Awning Brackets, OVS270 Awning, 2x GFC 90 Degree brackets, and GFC Red Fitted Sheets. Also have a Sherpa Animas rack that fits on a double cab Tacoma. Also have a Duluth Trading Co organizer in the GFC mounted on the front bar for extra storage.

Looking for $9,700 for everything! Feel free to shoot me your number or email, and I can share photos.

Is this a shortbed camper? If so, very interested.

-Phil 760-793-0708

Very interested if it’s a long bed.

Edit: From your post history it’s a 5’ bed, so nevermind. Good luck with the sale!

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Hi! Any idea if this will fit a colorado ZR2? If so, still avail? I’m in the Bay Area as well

From my understanding the V2s are more specific to each truck compared to the V1 campers. You can ping the guys over at GFC to inquire though as I’ve done the same with them when I was initially looking at purchasing a used camper!

yup confirmed they are more specific. thanks though!

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I know we talked already, because I have an Africa Twin 1100 (manual), but both is better!

Lets hope GFC will make a tent for bikes next :joy: so I dont have to buy a tent to sleep on the ground…

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Lol I sat on an AT and for some reason it just doesn’t “fit” me. I like the seating position and height of the rebel!

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Very interested. Can you send me some photos?
Thank you

Sent you an email just now :slight_smile:

Bump - $9500!

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Bump - willing to meet within an 8 hour drive from the SF Bay Area for serious buyers and deposit. This distance includes - LA/OC area, Reno area, Medford area, MAYBE pushing to Vegas if someone is truly serious.


Bump it up…still for sale!

Bump - as an FYI this will fit 3rd Gen Shortbed Tacomas IF you buy a new rear panel from GFC. I am willing to take the cost of that panel off the total price for someone interested.

I’m based in Seattle and very interested. I have a 3rd gen however.
If we were to meet on the coast somewhere, any ideas on how to make the transfer from rig to rig?

Very interested.



I’m in Carson city - just south of Reno. If u still got it I’ll take. Let me know if ya take venmo/Zelle or just want cash. 9714005181

Bumpy bump it up! No committed buyers as of now.

This still for sale?
In Sacramento
Have forklift to move it.

Yes it’s still up for grabs! Let me know if you want more details via email.

Yes please send additional info any other pics that might show ware,