2x questions -Total height of V2 RTT on '21 4runner TRD Pro + Wind Noise

Hello all-

I have two questions regarding a 2021 TRD Pro 4runner and apologize if these have been asked before.

First- with the factory mount kit + V2 RTT installed, is there any perceivable wind noise at highway speeds when the camper is installed?

Second- What is the total height of the vehicle with the V2 RTT Platform installed? 4runner is at stock TRD Pro height. I have a tight garage fit with the stock rack as is.

Thank you for the help!

1 - Yes there is perceivable wind noise (whistle-like), but at speeds lower than 40mph.

2 - The height of the tent and mounting kit together is about 7" inches. I searched for a 2016 TRD pro (pre-basket rack) and it resulted in 72", but Iā€™m not sure if that includes the height for the stock cross bar setup. The stock cross bars are about 2" in height, so the overall height for a stock TRD pro with a GFC RTT can vary between 77"-79".

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Thank you for the info! Very Helpful.