-32C in the Camper 🥶

This last week I braved a trip out to one of my ski zones. I have a little cabin out there that I have for shelter; but like to stay in the truck. This setup is a game changer; even after 20 years of driving backroads, I never learn to not try to push a little further.

Got stuck solo with the trailer just on the other side of a bailey bridge. I couldn’t manage to get the trailer backed up via my route in as it kept slipping off the rut then hitting the guard rail. LOL. There was just over a foot of fresh on the road. The good thing; is one I muscled the trailer around by hand, I was done dicking around and wasn’t going to fight with my gear on my sled to get into the cabin…then WHAMMO! Set up the GFC and I was ready to rock!

It was -32C and with he diesel heater and panels down I had the box above 0 in 15 minutes. Everything worked like a charm. The only issue I’m having is I haven’t had time to install my new lithium battery. So my gel battery did not perform well on recharge the next day, it only got back up to 12.4V.

I’m starting to think that I may need to add another 100W solar panel. But I’ll start with installing my new battery and charge controller. It seemed like the panel was only putting out about .5A although it was slightly overcast. That is exactly what the diesel heater draws once it’s running, so the battery won’t charge at that rate. I got one day of skiing in, then made the rule that the skins don’t go on unless it’s warmer than -25. So went to the cabin and did some lodge duties like cutting wood, drinking coffee and reading. A good way to reset after Christmas…be better with some powder turns; but I can’t complain.


holy crap nicely done :clap:


Which heater are you rocking?

This is the exact heater I’ve got in a ‘Transit’ case I salvaged from work with a 10L Jerry can for the tank.

Happybuy 5KW Diesel Air Heater 12V Diesel Parking Heater Double Mufflers Diesel Heater 5000W with Knob Switch for RV Bus Car Motorhome Boats
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Hell yeah man. This is motivating me to get a heater set up before next winter.

Do you have any photos of the heater setup?

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You bet it’s in my build thread here:

Nice! I’m up in BC on a ski trip and testing out my 2kw Amazon diesel heater for the first time. Not nearly as cold, maybe got down to -10f but the heater kept it probably around 40-50 in the tent. I spent a night at Red and a night at Whitewater.

No issues with the diesel gel’ing at those temps? That was a big concern of mine but hasn’t been an issue.

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Sick dude!!! Non at all! I’m actually in Revy for the weekend you stayin’ down in the koots or working your way up? I got turned around heading out towards the pass so camped out at the rest stop for the night. But going to slay the pass tomorrow.


Flying into Snowfall Lodge in the morning for the week. Psyched!


Oh man, lucky! You picked a great season to pull the trigger there! Should be an epic week :metal: