3D Printing project

I did a project with a work colleague. The original plan was to make brackets for a ladder mount that turned into a part with other uses. I have yet to try it with a ladder because I switched ladders during the time and the mount is different. Thats one of the great things about 3D printing, just change the CAD file and make a new part.

We started off by 3D scanning the bed of my truck, designed the part in CAD, and printed the part on a 3D printer.

My work posted a short video on our YouTube channel, if you’re interested I will be doing a longer video of the process at a later date.

Disclaimer: I work in the Additive Manufacturing industry, I not trying to sell anything, I just thought some of you might find it interesting.


Awesome looking part and quality. Love the 3d scanning. Thanks for sharing!

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I’m fascinated with what scanners and printers can do.

The intended purpose is too attached the ladder to use when the panel is open (tall truck, short girlfriend). The design puts most of the load on the bed rail currently. On the final design I plan to add continuous carbon fiber for additional strength on the back clip portion.

It’s always fun to play around with different filaments.

I have not worked with ASA in the past but it looks to have some good qualities.