3D virtual build

With no camper locally to “play” with for build ideas… I spent some time building a 3D model. Getting very close to having this simple build sorted. If anything it’s helping passing the time. Anyone else looking for 3D renderings hit me up, I may be able to help.



I kick myself for not taking my CAD class seriously in university.

How much width do you have between the bench and drawer system?

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Looks great! I have not created any bench on the left side yet. About to head out tonight for another overnight trip. Time to bail from the office and pack!


@kdenisec +/- 13" I do all my work in SketchUp… I’m visual and it helps to make it before I have to make it… if that makes sense.


Cheers @SW-Tacoma safe travels!

I needed to practice some CAD for work a while ago and decided to I put together a pretty detailed model if my 5 ft bed in Solidworks. If you are interested in the model, let me know. The cooler in the image is a Canyon Cooler


Very interested in the model if you wouldn’t mind sharing! I’ve been doing the same for mine and would appreciate it!

Wow that looks great! Would you mind sharing the file. I have some plans for my camper #1027 that I would like to mess around with.

The forum won’t let me upload CAD files. Here is a google drive link. You’ll have to request access. The bed_assy assembly file is going to have a bunch of missing parts because I copied it out of a larger assembly, so you’ll probably need to manually re-find the files after you download. If I get to it tomorrow, I can try to fix the assembly file. The bed.sldprt is probably the main part file you want.

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FYI, low profile Unistrut channel works really well in the notches for the Tacoma. A 10 ft stick is long enough to cut and make two supports. I get mine in stock at my Home Depot. That is what you see in the model running across the bed. McMaster has end caps for the channel that you can buy for next to nothing so they don’t scratch up your bed after you cut them with a hacksaw. I use those channels and 3/4" plywood as my platform. Home Depot also has outdoor carpet you can glue to the plywood that gives it a nice finished look. The most expensive piece is the 4x8 sheet of plywood you need, but for <$100, you can make a really nice platform.


If that’s a sketchup file I’d love a copy. I have a Tacoma DCSB so your model looks perfect.