3rd gen DCLB Taco V2 trade for V1?

Title says it all. Anybody want to trade their V1 for my V2? My camper is on a 3rd gen Tacoma 6ft bed.

Im looking to sell the truck and move to a first gen, so if you have a first gen Tacoma with a camper and want to trade+cash for a newer rig that could work too!

Located in Central Oregon, willing to travel.

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What about a 2nd Gen?

Hmmm I think I’ll hold out for now but I’ll keep it in mind for sure

If decide to just sell it let me know your price and options on it. Located in socal

Just sent you a message

Just throwing it out there - willing to trade for leitner rack + superlite + cash?

Sticking to the trade for another camper or sell the whole rig route for now

I have a 2d gen DCLB with V2 camper. If the camper is the same between trucks I’m ready to swap.

dude, i think a buddy of mine in corvallis would be into this! shoot me a note.

Have a first gen access cab would potentially be willing to trade with camper shell? 120,000 miles in good condition

I just sent you a message