4 wheel camper trade for platform camper. Must fit 2021 6.5’ bed tundra

Hi all, seeing if anyone is looking to trade their platform camper for a rebuilt four wheel camper. I’m also open to selling the camper. If we are going to trade I need the platform camper to fit a 2021 Toyota tundra with 6.5’ bed.
The 4wheel camper was originally a 1997 Hawk with a rollover couch. In Dec 2023-Jan 24 I decided to completely gut and rebuild the camper from the ground up. The camper currently sits as a completely independent unit. I have the electrical system hooked up to run off a portable powerbank through a blue seas fuse box. I also hardwired in four outlets as well as a max air fan and four adjustable led lights. Aside from this it ready to be configured as you please. Currently in Washington but will be making my way back to Southern California in the near future. Can provide further details and in depth pics of the build to anyone who is interested.

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