4Runner Drawer System and Sleeping Platform

As a dad with 3 boys (ages 6-11) who all love camping, I’ve been looking for a way to better accommodate all of my boys into my setup as only one will fit with me in my GFC RTT. I ultimately decided to add a drawer system with a sleeping platform and couldn’t be happier.

I’m from the Denver area so opted for a local business out of Boulder, CO called Front Range Campers (https://frontrangecampers.com/products/copy-of-toyota-4runner-4th-gen-2003-2009-2) for the drawer system. The price, which has increased since I made my purchase for $1700, was really reasonable considering comparable systems on the market and is precision cut using a CNC router. On top of that, the dudes at Front Range Campers were top notch and awesome to work with.

The drawer system has two drawers that lock in place when both closed and fully extended and contain modular dividers which make the drawers super configurable. One of my favorite features is the floating drawer tops that serve as a flat work surface for cooking.

The sleeping platform was originally designed as a single piece that extended the width of the vehicle and could only be stored in a 4Runner with the rear passenger seats down. The guys at Front Range Campers accommodated my request to make the platform two pieces so that I could easily store them in the rear of my vehicle while traveling. With the sleeping platform in place, I can now sleep two of my boys in the vehicle and one with me in the RTT.

Overall, I am super pleased with the addition of both the drawer system and sleeping platform and highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a storage solution or additional sleeping space to their 4Runner.


Love seeing family builds! We have a custom setup for 2 kids also (though in a Tacoma) I’ll say hi if we see you around, we’re in the area.

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Is the front section deck removable to allow the rear seats to be used?

Yes. This feature was critical for me to be able to take all 3 of my boys on the road with me. Here are a couple pictures of the front deck fastened to the top of the drawer system with the rear seats up.


Our four runner build just using the back part. Fits tools, cooking and food and I have a pullout.