4Runner Factory Cross Bars and SuperLite

no had to buy the feet for them too. it’s a few inches higher up as a result which makes everything easy.

Thanks for the tip! Going to check this out today.

He jumped straight from the antenna blanking plate for the low profile mounting of another tent straight to just throwing the SL on the factory bars.

Yes! And I think we’re now on the same page with respect to the additional costs. There’s just no way I was going to do that at this point. If I already had a rack, then sure. It would have also opened me up to all the other tents out there - including a big used market - and ones I could see in person before buying. But that’s not my situation.

Let me know how that goes. If GFC could make us offset feet/risers to get us in the sweet spot, then maybe I wouldn’t have a complaint. But for the safety of the people driving behind me on the highway, I’d have to know they were over engineered for speed, rough roads, etc. I’ll look for something for the factory that can attach straight to factory bars while you look at the Thule bars and feet.

Maybe the answer is GFC doing this research and shipping reputable 3rd party (Thule, Yak, frontrunner, etc.) hardware. They may be in a position to work out a great business-2-business price for themselves and direct ship to us. Regardless, it’s the least they should do.

They still haven’t responded to me. Did you try them yet?

I mounted it on my factory rack. Took the entire rack off the car. Then mounted it to the superlite. Then put the entire thing back on. Takes about 30min.

Are you referring to the TRD Pro rack? If so, I appreciate the response but we’re struggling with the factory cross bars that your full rack replaced.

Not the TRD Pro rack just the stock rack. Mine is a 16 trail so same as TRD off road.

Ah, I forgot about the Trail. Too many trims for me to remember. Congrats on the easy install! I how you enjoy the tent!

I haven’t had a chance to call them yet with work and life but Thursday is the day if they are open. If they are closed then Friday. I would still like to make this work but $1000 is a non-starter. For $500 it may be worth it. I’ve looked at the Thule bars and feet and it’s not clicking how that will work. More research to do.

Ignore that link. GFC text me this video: Toyota 4Runner with Thule 450R WingBar EVO Roof Rack Crossbars - YouTube

Need to place these orders:
Thule | United States-17852
Thule | United States

Another $460…

Yakima options:

Earlier this week, they told me to trim the plastic clamps on the cross bars and purchase the antenna blanking plate.
I immediately pushed back asking if they are telling me it won’t degrade the performance or life of the bars. And I don’t want to tear open the back of the vehicle for a blanking plate, even if they had done the right thing and offered a the plate for free.
Today, he changed his input and sent the same link you provided.

When it comes down to it, if you don’t mind the additional cost, you’re looking at good bars and you’ll get more than enough height. I don’t think you’ll do much better for a proven setup and reputable, big brand. Far better than the typos of adapters I was looking for. You may find that you can now mount something next to the tent, like an awning? I can’t tell for sure. In my case, the only things I ever mount on my roof are kayak carriers. So I don’t need the extra height and cross rails that extend as far side to side as aftermarket. I’m pushing for a refund unless some Florida buyer shows up at my door.

I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but if this is a solid long term solution then I’m probably going to do it. Any idea if one of Thule or Yakima is the better option? They are both well known companies in the world or roof racks.

Don’t blame anyone for not wanting to spend the extra money. The price and weight was what got my interest on the Superlite originally. Sucks to spend another $500. I thought there was a guy in FL looking to buy a Superlite here:

@SilentMic I’m in the market for a SuperLite for sure and live in Florida. I posted a few weeks ago asking if anyone knew of one in the wild?

I can confirm can fit an awning and the superlight on the thule setup. It sucked to spend the extra $$$ at the time, but having the tent is definitely worth it. There is also a track on thule cross bars so I imagine you could mount the tent w/ the quick release setup but I haven’t attempted this.

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Pittdrums has one for sale in this chat. See their last post.

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@Pittdrums Still looking to potentially sell your SuperLite? I’m in the Cocoa Beach area and may be interested? Thanks,

I know several people with both yak and Thule for bikes, cargo boxes, and skis. I can’t recall complaints from any of them. Myself included

Hey! Yes! If you’re up for a road trip, I’m just east of Sarasota. I can’t meet somewhere better for you since I’m not mounting the tent.

was able to get mine mounted on my 5th gen 4runner factory cross bars. its a bit of a hassel but once i figured it out was very easy. Sun roof helps a lot and i still have xm antenna and signal!!
the long bolts they sent are too long so i went with some short and medium length