4th Gen Tacoma Compatibility

May be a bit early to get this discussion started, but I am definitely interested to know if the GFC V2 will be compatible with the 4th gen tacoma!

They are for sure making one for the new Tacoma. I believe that I read the bed spec is completely different compared to the third gen.

GFC Instagram confirms it

I have a gladiator so it doesn’t affect me, but I really wish they could do something different with the rear hatch and the deep tailgates. I hate how the topper looks like it’s too short for the truck because the tailgate is so deep and the topper stops at the bed side instead of the exterior side. If that makes sense lol

as a follow-up, can anyone confirm if a v2 on a gen 3 tacoma will fit on gen 4? doesn’t sound like it, but wanted to confirm

Pretty sure @GFC has said the V2 from a Gen 3 will NOT be compatible because of that rear “fin” on the 4th gens. They can confirm though.

Just look at the side profile of a 3rd gen compared to a 4th gen. There is no way the gfc will be compatible lol

They have one listed for the Gen 4 Tacoma on their website. Not compatible with previous gen tacoma’s.