5’ bed drawer/power box and Tacoma cab rack for sale!

The Tacoma is a terrific nimble truck but our uses are more subdued and we want a bigger truck😁. Included is everything you could want to start your GFC treking!

These are all priced well under what I paid and don’t include any of my costs for design, labor, or delivery, so yes, taking a major loss here.


Hi there, I’m very interested in your GFC. Based in WA unfortunately - do you have any plans to be out west any time soon for a meeting spot somewhere in between? I know it is a long shot, just figured I’d ask.



Hi Nick, Unfortunately I’m going to be in central North Carolina for the next couple months. But I would highly recommend a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Smoky National Park! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you were interested in the entire package and wanted to fly in to Raleigh, the truck just had full service at Toyota and is ready to go!

I appreciate the reply. And I will definitely take your advice on the park!

I have a 2021 unfortunately haha or else I would! I waited 6 months to get the manual trans…

Best of luck!

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For those of you who have asked, 1) yes, the vent can be used with the top down (e.g. for dogs) and 2) yes, the drawer power box can be completely disconnected from the GFC . It has quick connect waterproof SAE connectors.

Sold truck, so yes, I am open to offers for the GFC.
Located near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Drawer box/solar power station.

GFC sold.
Cab roof rack available.
Drawer box/power station available.

Willing to separate:
drawer box $500
Power station $500

I’m interested, what can you tell me about the power set up?

The basics are that this power station allows you to run 12V DC electronics (vent fans, diesel heater, DC fans, charging computers, phones, tablets, cooler) and standard 120V AC with 50Ah of battery power… a lot like a Jackery but with more power and with individual components that can be very easily replaced or customized as needed.

More details:
Power station is built on 80/20 frame, which can be (and currently is) mounted into drawer box. In addition to the 600W (1200W peak) pure sine inverter and LiFePO4 50Ah battery, it has a 30A PWM solar charge controller that can accommodate multiple or large PV panels.

All wiring is over-sized for each circuit (mostly 14-16 AWG) and all-weather marine grade (Ancor brand). Battery has breaker within first few inches of leads and battery leads were professionally made. Contains individual DC fuse panel with room for plenty more circuits, as desired. Inverter includes remote on/off switch for easy access. Also wired into marine on/off switch (red knob) for 1) OFF, 2) DC ON, 3) DC and INVERTER ON, and 4) INVERTER ON. Solar charge controller has bluetooth and can be monitored and controlled via phone.

Hope that helps!