5 lb propane tank placement?

For those that have this size propane tank in there GFC where do you mount it? Other than on your tire swing out which I don’t have. I got a 5 lb tank which is nice and small although it cost way too much. I have Googled and seen several different types of brackets. Anyone recommend something? What about a cheaper alternative? Some of these brackets cost more than the tank itself… Ideally I want to put it in the corner near the cab but was wondering what others might be doing. Thanks

I have a 2017 Tacoma. I purchased and mounted the front bed rail. My platform is sitting on the wheel wells. I made a circular plywood ring to hold the base of the 5 lb tank in place. The tank is held in place with a Quick Fist clamp attached to a wooden block mounted on the front bed rail. Low cost and stable.


2015 DCSB, I used a large quick fist as well but attached it to the removable storage door on the drivers side. Used some metal bar stock on the front and rear to reinforce the plastic door, handles wheeling just fine.




I use a husky hang all
It still rattles around but doesn’t tip over and it’s right where I need it for cooking.

Not a 5lb, but i keep mine in the bed corner.

If I run it at night with the heater, I’ll put it outside in place of one of my Jerry cans and run the hose inside.

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I used to always carry a bulk tank but have gone back to just using the 1# Coleman bottles. Much easier to store and 4 of them gets me through 3 weeks of camping running mostly a stove and sometimes a lantern. When I get home I just refill them off a bulk tank. Figure I can refill a 1# bottle from empty to full for about 80 cents.