#545 GFC for Sale

I will be selling my brand new GFC #545. It is perfect nothing wrong with it. I am shorter 64 yr old women and I love this camper but it is harder for me than I expected… !short box Chevy Colorado. Gray space frame and panels, rear window only, second generation tent fabric, non foam version side panel install. Has Cascadia Vehicle Tents 79 in awning in gray with light strip, 160 watt solar panel from 4th D solar, 2 front triangle storage bags, 2 tent locks, plus a few other extras $8,000

Here are 2 other photos of #545

Hi. Cabaña 706 here. I don’t need a GFC, but would you be willing to sell those front storage bags and triangle storage bags? I’d certainly be interested in those. If you’d sell them, how much would you need?


sent a reply to your message…

Where are you located at?

Im very interested. Four three two 2693558

Hey there. I assume you’ve sold it at this point but if not, please let me know.

Did you end up getting these bags? Are they speciality or a specific bike triangle bag?

Nah. Seller never responded. These bags are specific for GFCs. They are VRNCLR brand. They look nice. Expensive AF new. I just can’t justify them on principle.


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Is this still available?