589 Spare Tire Mount ...or other options?

I have a GFC that should be ready next summer. I am preparing for the 20 hour trip to get it installed. We’re making a vacation of it. I’m gathering things like an add-a-leaf, storage boxes, camping gear, etc. I really don’t find any options I like for a spare tire mount, but I know it can’t stay under the truck.I don’t really want to hang it off the back or buy a new bumper/swing. I have the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison, and for now I like the bumpers and all as is. Has anyone used the 589 fab bed mounted spare tire carrier? It bolts to the inside lip of the bedside, and I was wondering if there was any interference with the GFC frame?

It should work great! @zkr2 and I are putting them in ours.

Thanks for the reply. I’m interested in hearing about y’all’s experience if you don’t mind sharing. I still have about 9 months to go before i get to pick up my GFC.

I just installed the Rigd on my Tundra for my spare!

Like it so far, will be adding my bike rack to it.

Very nice! Very expensive too. I might check with some of my local fab shops and see if they can come up with something for less.

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Why cant it stay under the truck?

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I wish i could do the ultraswing, but it doesn’t fit the Bison with the D-ring mounts on the bumper.

I went up to 33" tires and doesn’t fit quite right underneath. Plus the larger tire hangs down even further than the factory spare. I go on some pretty tough trails in Colorado, New Mexico, etc. And hope to do more. I’ll take all the ground clearance I can get, especially on the departure angle.


Did any of y’all go forward with the 589 spare tire mount? I have a GFC on order and am getting all of my build parts together.