5th Gen 4Runner RTT Mount Kit for Sale : $400

Sold the RTT. Now the mount kit. These cost $599 new. I got mine installed back in April, so they’re relatively new. Gotta say, it was a damn fine setup, super low profile.

Anyhow, I’m letting them go for $400. Has all the hardware and stuff, but no sharkfin delete, you’ll have to sort that yourself.


Dropping the price to $300.

$250. This is now officially a crazy deal.

Are these still available?

That’s a big 10-4 buddy. Still got em.

Sorry, I fell off the face of the earth for a bit.
Where are you located? Can you ship to Seattle?

I could ship, no problem, but I’d want to get a shipping quote for these. I’m in CO.

I think you’re still coming out ahead, considering the ones from GFC new are $600.

You want me to get a quote?

I’m trying to get ahold of GFC to see if they would also be compatible with a superlite. Hopefully I’ll reach them tomorrow and will get back to you with an answer about the shipping.
Thanks for the offer!

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Sounds like a no, but I just got a lead on a platform RTT that might be coming out from MN. If that comes through, I’ll be asking for a quote to ship.

Sounds good. If you need it and I still have it, we can figure the shipping out.