6.5' F150 V2 w/ extras for sale in January

Looking to sell my V2 in January - love the camper, just need something more heavy duty for winter camping. The panels are gray, the tent is the brown color and I’ve added new Southco C5 latches and covers to the back panel as well as vents from dogboxparts to each side panel. Front and rear windows. I will include hi-lift jack mounts and a Mud River cargo panel as well. I can also include a Hest foamy wide for the right price.

DM me if interested. I’m located in Western Montana.

Update with photos and a price: $7500 for the setup.

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$7000 for the setup, save beaucoup bucks

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Bump. $6500. I need this gone stat!

Still available? I’m in SoCal so logistics would be rough. If there’s a shot let me know. Rob

I’m in northern utah and would be interested at a certain price. I’m a little concerned about possible dog odor and dander (allergies) and I don’t love the color for my (white) truck, but it could work. I’m not interested in the jack mount or anything other than the camper and the mounting hardware. I’d also need help switching it over to my vehicle.

Are there any seam leaks, water leaks, or other issues with it that I should be aware of?