6' Tacoma GFC for Sale - SF Bay Area

Current life situation is such that it makes sense to put the GFC up for sale. I’ve really enjoyed using this camper and am questioning if I’ll regret this 18 months from now, but I know there will be many out there in the wild if it ends up being in the cards.

This will fit any Tacoma with a 6 foot bed. Got an Access Cab? It will fit. Have a Double Cab? get a tape measure.

Full disclosure - it’s an early model, build #80 something (delivered Nov 2018). This is good in that it has what I consider to be a more durable, less flappy tent fabric, and a very comfortable 3" mattress. It’s bad in that it still needs to have the crown seal replaced. (for free - GFC has indicated they are happy to be put in contact with the new owner to coordinate) This will prevent additional premature hinge failures, and get you a refreshed camper all around. I replaced the driver side hinge in March after it failed, and will be replacing the tailgate hinge in the next few days because it has had the beginnings of some tears for a while and I don’t want it to fail right off the bat on a new owner. The passenger side meanwhile looks mint. Go figure.

Comes with:
Front and rear windows
Flannel mattress covers
Roof rack brackets/hardware and my faux cross bars if you want them.
Couple packs worth of extrusion t-nuts
8’ ARB knock off awning with quick-release brackets mounted to camper
Spring rods and tarp clips to hold the rear tent window open
RGB LED light strip mounted in aluminum diffuser bracket along sides and tailgate
100W thin solar panel stuck on roof with 3M VHB tape and routed through wire gland on roof.
USB ports for charging upstairs.
D-rings on most of the space frame accessory mounting points.

Asking $7000, located north bay San Francisco.

In battle:

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Hey there. Just sent Pm. I would like to buy it.

Would you sell the filted sheets?

I’d be interested as well. Let me know if it’s still available.

Thank you

Plan to include the sheets with the camper.

Sale is pending June 30th pickup. Will let folks know if it falls through.

Camper is sold! Hope it continues it’s streak of visiting beautiful places and putting in work during the day to day.


This is great news. No matter what issues our campers seem to have the demand is still there.

Off topic but what bumper swing-out is that? Glad you got the camper sold!

Rear bumper and swing out is 4x innovations. Very happy with how it turned out.