#652 build position: SOLD!

As stated in the title. Life circumstances have changed and we are foregoing our GFC build. For sale for deposit price of 575$ Build start estimated July 20’

is this still available? if so to confirm this is $575 total not $575 plus the $500 deposit?

Dibs if still for sale, I will purchase for $575. Let me know next steps. Thanks

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It is! Just the 575$

Waiting for confirmation from Jolagues. If they fall through it’s yours. I’ll hopefully be able to get back to your tomorrow. Cheers

Hey man, the spot is yours. What’s your email? @derekvieira


Email sent with all the information!

for some reason I read this and thought you were selling the whole rig for 575 and not 4 figure total . Almost had a heart attack haha

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