$7500 V2 XL Camper For Sale in Hawaii

This is a long shot, but the title is accurate. I am selling my V2 XL Camper from my 2021 F-150, and I currently located on the island of Oahu.

The camper was installed in June 2021 and has been absolutely amazing. The Navy soon after sent me to Hawaii, and the camper has been even more amazing. It is always the talk of the beach whenever my buddies and I pull up, pop tent, and peruse our choices in the cooler. Unfortunately, the Navy is again moving me, but this time to Okinawa, Japan except without the added bonus of paying for my truck to be shipped. So therein lies the reason why I am throwing some feelers out there to see if anyone is interested in buying the camper.

As for the specs of the camper, it has the tangerine tent, both side tent doors, the front and rear windows, and the GoFast ladder. It certainly is a blast, and if you are interested, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Also, I can get the truck to Maui pretty easily if you happen to be on Maui and would like the camper.

Ahola and mahalo!

@BuoyBoy Aloha Brotha,

Not interested since I already have one, but I’m currently in the same situation on a PCS and I’m trying to figure out how to ship my truck with the GFC. Any help will be super helpful. Please and thank you!

I’m happy to hear they moved your truck with GFC, as I hope to PCS overseas again with a GFC. Any special considerations with moving it? Did they just consider it part of the truck or make you remove it and ship in your HHG?

I don’t know the cost, but I’ve known some people who have shipped their vehicles to Japan in their own dime, or somehow got it taken out of their HHG weight.

Good luck with the sale in Hawaii, I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling it. I don’t know if GFC would even ship a new unit out to HI.

I was worried that the shipping company was going to tell me it was too big or not allowed, but I went from the port in Los Angeles to the port in Oahu without any issues, questions, or concerns about the camper. It was all a piece of cake after logging onto pcsmypov.com and following all of their instructions.

I just want to thank you guys and your families for your Service. Thank you!!! Good luck with the sale. Cheers.